Perak which includes food, general coastal views and a beach
Explore ancient limestone caves, visit spectacular royal palaces and sunbathe on unspoiled sandy stretches in the country’s fourth-largest state.

Perak is known for its intriguing architectural gems, labyrinthine caves and unspoiled jungle terrain. Its capital city reveals the history of the region, while other towns contain pagodas, parks and zoos. Try the excellent fusion cuisines in the cities and travel to an idyllic island.

Visit fascinating attractions in historic Kuala Kangsar. It holds the Istana Iskandariah palace of the Sultan of Perak and the Ubudiah Mosque. Wander around the Taiping Lake Gardens in nearby Taiping.

Get a sense of local culture with a stay in the state capital, Ipoh. See its most impressive sights, such as Kellie’s Castle, a never-finished structure built by a Scottish businessman. Explore markets and try local delicacies combining Malay, Indian and Chinese influences. A popular dish is ipoh sar hor, consisting of prawns, chicken and noodles.

Head to the ocean for excellent seafood served at the coastal stalls in Lumut. Enjoy the year-round tropical climate at the beach and take a trip to scenic Marina Island. Visit during the dry season, in June and July.

Just across the water is picturesque Pangkor Island, one of the most visited parts of the state by vacationers. Choose from luxury lodgings, spend time in the sleepy fishing villages and go scuba diving and snorkeling in the clear water.

Travel inland to appreciate the state’s eclectic terrain. Board a river cruise with a guide in Belum Temenggor forest reserve, perhaps the world’s oldest rainforest. The large and unspoiled area contains tigers, rhinos and over 3,000 flowering plant species. Travel south to one of the country’s largest limestone caves, Tempurung Cave. Continue south to relax in Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

Find Perak on the western part of mainland Malaysia. Take a train or internal flight from Kuala Lumpur, which is 170 miles (270 kilometers) south of Taiping. Get around the state on the paved roads via buses.

Perak is an exotic blend of rainforest, sophisticated towns and sunny beaches with seafood stalls.