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About Hangzhou

The atmosphere around Hangzhou has always been tranquil despite its population of millions of people and close proximity to the even larger city of Shanghai. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the world's longest artificial river, has connected the two cities since the Sui Dynasty. However, Hangzhou's main tourist attraction is its West Lake, which has inspired artists and poets throughout China since the ninth century.

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The Leifeng Pagoda, a modern reconstruction of an ancient structure, stands on the south bank of Hangzhou's majestic West Lake. Perhaps the best known of the 10 classic scenes of the West Lake is the view from the Broken Bridge. Solidary Hill, home to both Zhongshan Park and the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, is West Lake's only natural island.

The oldest of West Lake's many islands is Mid-Lake Pavilion. Candles are lit inside the pagodas of Lesser Yingzhou Isle, West Lake's largest island, during full moon periods. Visitors can admire the Qu Courtyard, the Maojiabu Scenic Area, Mr Guo's Villa, and a fish viewing pond along the Yang Causeway. Entertainment activities take place in the Lord Ruan's Mound garden on summer nights.

Visitors can admire the view from the open air teahouse on top of the Wushan Hill Pagoda, which contains both an ancient bell and a modern lift, or hike along the hilly trails behind this important Hangzhou landmark. East China's only Taoist temple, Baopu Taoist Temple, can also be found in Hangzhou.

Restaurants and Bars

In addition to traditional local dishes such as cuyu fish with vinegar sauce and dongpo rou pork chunks, Hangzhou restaurants also serve up plenty of Sichuan, Shanxi, and Xinjiang delicacies. After dark is the best time of day to sample the offerings at Zhongshan Nanlu, one of China's most renowned street food strips. Longjing, China's most famous green tea, is usually served with Hupao spring water near West Lake. Nanshan Road is Hangzhou's main bar zone.


Hefang Jie's shopping stalls and pedestrian streets are situated at the base of Wushan Hill not far from the West Lake. Bartering and keeping eyes peeled for counterfeit goods is highly recommended when browsing the wares at Hangzhou China Silk Town, the night market, or Wensan Road's electronics markets. There are also several flower and bird markets which sell flowers, pets, and traditional Chinese medicine supplies.