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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my flight booking to Finland due to COVID-19?
In response to these challenging times, many airlines are offering greater flexibility. Head to our Customer Service Portal to get important information about amending or canceling your Finland flight due to COVID-19.
What's the best way to find cheap flights to Finland that have flexible change policies?
At Expedia, we’ve been channeling our inner Olympic gymnast to offer you the most flexible fares around town. Simply check the “No change fee” box directly underneath the filter subheading “Flexible change policies” to find your dream flight to Finland.
What are some of the general tips for travelers to Finland during the COVID-19 outbreak?
COVID-19 has transformed the world in a profound way, including how we’re able to travel safely. The following tips will help you understand the new challenges and get you ready for your journey to Finland:

  • Before locking in your flight, find out if any travel bans or restrictions apply — in both your destination and origin. Stay informed with the latest updates by reviewing government and travel websites.
  • When you go through airport checkpoints, do not remove your face mask. You will be required to briefly lower it to confirm your identity. Anyone refusing to wear a face mask may be fined and denied boarding.
  • You’re no longer required to hand your boarding pass directly to a TSA officer. Instead, you should position the pass on the reader and then hold it up to allow the agent to visually inspect it.
  • TSA now allows passengers to take one container of hand sanitizer, up to 12 oz (350 ml) in size, in carry-on baggage. This will need to be removed from your bag at the X-ray machine for screening.
  • Put any personal items (keys, wallet and phone) in your carry-on rather than a bin to reduce handling during the screening process.
  • If you’re planning to take food through the security checkpoint, place it in a clear plastic bag and then into a screening bin. This reduces the likelihood that a TSA officer will need to handle your food container or carry-on bag for closer inspection.

How can I find cheap tickets to Finland?
You’ll always pick up a terrific deal with Expedia, but our “flexible dates” search function makes it that much easier. Enter your preferred travel date, then check the flexible dates box above to reveal the cheapest prices for nearby days. was the best price for a flight to Finland in the last seven days.
How much is a flight to Finland?
You could have purchased a return ticket to Finland from anywhere between and in the last seven days. For one-way journeys taking off from (), the lowest amount paid during this time was just .
What are the most popular airports to fly into in Finland?
Finland’s principal airport is Vantaa Airport (HEL). Get your next big journey underway by locking in a seat on one of the 73 monthly flights to this destination.
How much is a plane ticket to Finland?
Ticket prices ranged anywhere from to over the last seven days. When you’re ready to book, we’re ready to help you secure an awesome deal to Finland.
What are the best things to do in Finland?

  • With so many interesting things to experience in Helsinki, it’s not surprising that most visitors begin their Finland adventure in this vibrant city. Spend your first day or so checking off popular attractions like Helsinki Cathedral before exploring some of this destination’s lesser-known gems.
  • When it comes to organizing your adventure, bear in mind that Helsinki is known for its humid continental climate. Check the highs and lows before you take off so you know what to expect.
  • Be sure to make Espoo the next place you go. It’s 16 kilometers to the west of Helsinki and where you’ll find Kunnarlan Myllyjarven Nature Reserve, one of the destination’s favorite tourist sights.

What is the best time to go to Finland?
Helsinki, Finland’s most well-known city, is a wonderful destination to visit at anytime. Not into chilly weather? Then venture here from June 20 onward during the summer months, when average temperatures range from 55 ºF (14 ºC) to 65 ºF (19 ºC). is when Helsinki is really buzzing.
What months are the cheapest to book a flight to Finland?
The cheapest month to score a top deal to Finland is February, whereas prices are higher in December. Avoid this time if you’re watching your pennies.

❓ Can I cancel my flight booking to Finland due to COVID-19??

✔️ Policies will vary from partner to partner, but many of them cover travel to highly impacted areas. The dates and destinations change frequently as more is learned about the situation, so it’s important for travelers to check in with the airline if they have an upcoming trip. Please visit our Customer Service Portal to learn more about what policies are available for your flight to Finland.

❓ What's the best way to find cheap flights to Finland that have flexible change policies?

✔️ Due to COVID-19, many of our trusted airline partners are waiving change fees for eligible new bookings to Finland, so consider filtering for these airlines during your search for cheap flights to Finland!

❓ What are the some of the general tips for travelers to Finland during the COVID-19 outbreak?

✔️ Most of our hotels in Finland offer free cancellation, so consider booking refundable hotels vs. non-refundable. Just look for the “free cancellation” message during your search. Prices can vary, but right now we believe that flexibility matters.

✔️ When purchasing flights tickets to Finland, remember to check the fine print as depending on what type of fare you choose, changes may either not be an option or could potentially incur a hefty fee. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your ticket before making any purchases