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Yoga in Bali 2019: Best Retreats and Yoga Resorts

We all need time away from the daily grind; somewhere to kick back, put our toes in the sand and simply allow the world to be. A Bali yoga retreat could provide that meaningful experience of recharging and reconnecting with the universe.

So, pack your towel, sunnies, and yoga mat and take that short 3-hour flight over Laut Bali. Your quest for tranquillity begins here, with eight stunning yoga resorts and retreats to choose from.

Retreats and Yoga Resorts in Bali


Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat 

This eco-resort in Sukawati was voted as one of the world’s best yoga and wellness retreats by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine. Floating Leaf is a secluded resort that is at the eastern part of Bali. Floating Leaf is suitable for leisure travellers and groups.

Vegetarians and vegans can find their place here, as its in-house restaurant serves delicious food with ingredients coming straight from their permaculture garden.

Programme: Their yoga sessions cover vast styles including Yin, Yoga Nidra, restorative Yoga, Partner yoga, and Iyengar-influenced, and vinyasa flow style. The classes explore pranayama, meditation, and reflection of balance. The retreat can last from 3-7 days and they offer flexibility in their programmes. You can book a group or a personalised session.

Other wellness activities: ayurvedic treatments, Balinese hair and scalp treatments, traditional mandi lalur, and private or poolside spa


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Bagus Jati

Bagus Jati is sitting at the heart of a 5-hectare hillside garden featuring lavish forest trees and the scenic view of the mountains of Ubud. The setting of this resort is perfect for couples who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. You can stay at one of their private villas and have a romantic dinner set up.

They also offer a lot of well-being programmes that cover nutrition, detox, yoga, meditation, stress-relief, anti-ageing, and nature trekking. You can also learn the basics of organic healthy cooking from their cooking workshop.

Programme: Their classes are based on the asana, pranayama, and dhyana style of yoga. Programmes offered are for one-on-one or group that last for 2-4 nights. There are scheduled programmes that you can sign up for or you can book a personalised one for an additional cost.

Other wellness activities: nature walks, aqua aerobics, traditional “JAMU” and “CANANG” medicines making demonstration, and Balinese dance lessons.


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COMO Shambhala Estate

This magical spa in the middle of a rainforest in Ubud is for the ones always seeking their next adventure. If ever you grow weary of the high-adrenaline life and end up seeking a more toned down adventure, COMO Shambhala Estate is the perfect retreat for you.

Your thrill-seeking spirit is well-pampered here – aside from getting massages and practising yoga, you can go biking, hiking, river rafting, and even wall climbing.

Programme: They have specialists in yoga, pilates, and Qigong that incorporates nature to the holistic well-being programmes that the retreat offers. The programmes are designed to restore and revitalise the mind and body. The retreats are 3 days long at the minimum with sessions on Ayurveda and pranayama meditation.

Other wellness activities: spa, rice field walk, Ubud essential tour, water purification tour, water spring blessing, and cooking classes


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Soulshine Bali

This boutique retreat in Mas is nestled along a river and is surrounded by rice terraces.

Soulshine is for the artistic wanderers looking for a reprieve. You can stay here alone or with your friends or family. The design of the place is modern and it has a rustic charm.

Wake up to the beautiful sunrise, feast on organic and scrumptious meals, take a dip in the infinity pool, and explore wellness and arts during your stay here.

Programme: The retreats that you can join are conducted by experts from around the world. You can view the upcoming sessions on their website and you can choose to sign up for whatever type of program you want. The yoga classes are usually incorporated in wider wellness programmes that last for 7-8 days. There are sessions for healing and women empowerment as well.

Other wellness activities: music and art retreats, and monthly dance pool party – soul sessions


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Adiwana Svarga Loka

This 4-star resort is ideal for travellers who seek to re-centre. Adiwana Svarga Loka is grounded in the beauty of the environment and overlooks a river.

It is also near the Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud Market, and Ubud Palace. You can spend the day walking around and immersing in the rich Bali culture. It is the perfect place to detach and get acquainted with nature.

Programme: Morning yoga is incorporated in their 7-night wellness and healing retreats. Other activities are meditation, mindfulness, kriyas, and breathing exercises.

Other wellness activities: white crane kung fu lessons, ayusha spa, morning walk, and traditional making of Hindu Gods offering


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Udara Bali

If you love the sea and are looking to detox near one, Udara in Cemagi is just the place that you are looking for. It is amid the Indian ocean, rice terraces, and temples. Staying here is akin to a detoxifying beach vacation.

Bask in the saltiness of the sea during their beachfront yoga classes and dip into the warm water to unwind after training.

Programme: They have daily classes of vinyasa, Hatha, yin restorative, and aerial yoga that you can join or you can choose to book a personal retreat where you will choose your arrival date and length of stay.

Other wellness activities: detox programs, water aerobics, spa, water healing treatments, and Sunday ecstatic dance.


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Amore Villas

This secluded resort in Canggu is the place to be if you want some serious peace and quiet. You can choose to relax in their private villas with your very own pool. It is no secret that life in the city is loud and tiring so stepping into the serenity of Amore may just be the key to take your stress away.

Programme: Part of being a guest in this exclusive resort is free access to the premiere Canggu Club where yoga classes are being held. You can choose to join a class or you can have a personal session with their in-house yoga instructors.

Other wellness activities: body pump aerobic classes, pilates, and tennis


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Anantara Uluwatu

Situated on a cliffside, this resort is for the ones seeking a luxurious retreat. Anantara is modern and topnotch. If you want to reconnect with your self in style, you can do so as you meditate in the midst of the stunning views that this place offers.

Enjoy the resort’s spa that’s inspired by the island spices of Bali, infinity pool, and mini theatre. At the end of your day, sit back and let your hair loose in your own balcony and tub as you watch the sunset.

Programme: They offer holistic wellness programmes that are 1-3 days long with morning yoga, wellness juice and meals, Bali detox, Balinese reiki, medical Qi gong, and facials.

Other wellness activities: photography sessions, surfing, sailing, diving, and excursions


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What are you waiting for? Leave all your worries behind and hideout in Bali for a couple of days. Indulge in its majestic sceneries, natural resources, and peaceful atmosphere. You will surely come out refreshed and renewed after your stay in one of these yoga resorts and retreats!



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