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Travel Venice in a Minute – Video

[button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Venice.d179981.Destination-Travel-Guides’ icon=’entypo-compass’ fullwidth=’true’] Venice Travel Guide [/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Venice-Hotels.d179981.Travel-Guide-Hotels’ icon=’entypo-suitcase’ fullwidth=’true’] See Venice Hotels[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Cheap-Flights-To-Venice.d179981.Travel-Guide-Flights’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Find flights to Venice[/button]

Experience Hanoi – Video

[button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Hanoi.d1428.Travel’ icon=’entypo-compass’ fullwidth=’true’] Hanoi Attractions + Travel Guide[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Hanoi-Hotels.d1428.Travel-Guide-Hotels’ icon=’entypo-suitcase’ fullwidth=’true’] See Top 10 Hanoi Hotels[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Flights-To-Hanoi.d1428.Travel-Guide-Flights?rfrr=TG.Destinations.City.Book.Flight’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Find flights to Hanoi[/button]

Seoul Travel Video – Hyperlapse and Aerial Drone Video

[button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Seoul.d178308.Travel’ icon=’entypo-compass’ fullwidth=’true’] Seoul Attractions + Holiday Package[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Seoul-Hotels.d178308.Travel-Guide-Hotels’ icon=’entypo-suitcase’ fullwidth=’true’] Find Top Seoul Hotels[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Flights-To-Seoul.d178308.Travel-Guide-Flights’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Find Flights to Seoul[/button]

Abu Dhabi Travel Video

[button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Abu-Dhabi-Emirate.d6053838.Destination-Travel-Guides’ icon=’entypo-forward’ fullwidth=’true’] Abu Dhabi Attractions. Book Holiday Package.[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Abu-Dhabi-Emirate-Hotels.d6053838.Travel-Guide-Hotels’ icon=’entypo-suitcase’ fullwidth=’true’] Check out Abu Dhabi Hotels[/button] [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.sg/Cheap-Flights-To-Abu-Dhabi-Emirate.d6053838.Travel-Guide-Flights’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Flight deals to Abu Dhabi[/button]

Video: Travel New York in a Minute

Ready to take a bite of the Big Apple yourself? Discover more about the city in our New York travel guide. When you’re ready to find a deal for your New York trip, find cheap flights from Singapore and New York hotel deals online at Expedia.com.sg.   [button style=’blue’ icon=’entypo-flight’ url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/New-York.d178293.Destination-Travel-Guides’ fullwidth=’true’] Take me to New… Continue reading Video: Travel New York in a Minute

Travel Dubai in a Minute – Dubai Video

With mega resorts, man-made islands, colossal shopping centres and breathtaking architecture, both modern and ancient, Dubai really is a jewel in the Arabian desert. Be transported through Dubai in this drone video capturing Dubai in a minute. [button url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Dubai-Emirate.d1079.Travel’ icon=’entypo-forward’ fullwidth=’true’] Plan a trip to Dubai[/button]

Niagara Falls Video Guide

Perhaps the most recognisable natural wonder in the world, Niagara Falls is an exciting blend of nature, history, culture, thrilling adventure rides and views that will blow you away. Straddling the Canadian and American sides of the Niagara River, Niagara Falls has a fantastic range of entertaining attractions to suit all kinds of visitors. [button… Continue reading Niagara Falls Video Guide

Things to do in Amsterdam – Video Guide

A city rich in history and culture. Visit all year round and experience each season’s unique highlights and special atmosphere. Here’s a video guide to Amsterdam.   [button style=’blue’ url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Amsterdam.d178229.Travel’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Take me to Amsterdam![/button] Save up to 30% when you book your flights and hotels together on Expedia.com.my.

The Picturesque Italian Amalfi Coast – Video Guide

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most picturesque places for enjoying summer in Europe. A summer of romance, wine and experiencing the colourful warmth of Italian culture. Walk, drive or sail along the stunning Italian coastline south of Naples, where villages and vineyards perch atop craggy cliffs.   [button style=’blue’ url=’https://www.expedia.com.my/Amalfi-Coast.d180060.Travel’ icon=’entypo-flight’ fullwidth=’true’] Take… Continue reading The Picturesque Italian Amalfi Coast – Video Guide

Showing results 1 - 10 / 14