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When Size Matters: Top 5 Romantic Things to do On Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii is a honeymoon favourite for good reason. Lush landscapes, the bluest waters, long stretches of idyllic coasts, tropical weather and the welcoming rhythms of Hawaiian island culture.

Romance in Hawaii

Once you’ve got your fabulous Hawaiian shirt and skirt on, it’s time to heat up your relationship. Here are the very best things to do for couples visiting the Big Island in Hawaii:

Big Eruptions

When all we’ve got for a ‘mountain’ is Mount Faber, massive volcanoes can make quite the impression! Start your trip big by visiting the Big Island’s most popular destination — the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.  It is home to some of the furthest things from Singapore’s landscape — volcanic craters, rainforests, walk-in lava lubes, burnt forests, and two active volcanos.

Consider renting a jeep and driving up Kilauea Volcano, which began erupting in 1983 and continues to spit up smoke and lava today. Working your way down, the park’s mid-section hosts steam vents, where sulphuric puffs shoot up to tickle your outstretched hands.

On foot, instead of driving up the volcano you can head down to the craters and jungle for a long, winding hike through the logs and vines. Good opportunity to play hero for your partner trekking through this foreign terrain.

While we have to reclaim land in Singapore, Hawaii naturally makes its own fresh land! The shoreline of the park actually changes through the decades. As new lava trickles down the side of the hills, the ocean cools and hardens the matter, creating a black, rocky mass visitors can explore.

The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is a great way to start your romantic adventures in Hawaii with your partner, with an immersive experience so different from Singapore. After all, romantic vacations are always better with little eruptions, whether back at the hotel or by the volcano down the street.

Sex on the Beach

Calm down, we’re only talking about the drink. Soft sand and stiff drinks make a day along the Kohala Coast a must for couples. This stretch of shoreline is dotted with some of the top resorts in Hawaii and offers impeccable dining. Savour some delicious local specialties and sip tropical Sex on the Beach cocktails like you were born for island life. (Well, Singapore IS an island, so technically…)

If you’ve locked and loaded your sunscreen or suntan oil,  head over to the Hapuna Beach State Park, which is one of the island’s largest white sand beaches. It’s all about the skimpy bikini and swimwear out here, so don’t be shy. Break out the beach towels and let your partner adore you glistening in the sun.

To catch the beautiful sunset in Hawaii with a little extra romance, set sail on the Kohala Coast sunset cocktail cruise or champagne dinner cruise on the Big Island’s waters. Enjoy first-class drinks as you watch the golden sun dip beneath the ocean’s horizon. Enjoy a barbeque buffet at sea, under the clear starry night sky. If you’re lucky, some playful dolphins and whales might even come by to say hello. For couples celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii, cruising along the Kohala Coast is a great romantic way to renew your vows.

Tall, Wet, and Skinny

Along a lonely road, past misty fields, is a gem tucked in the mountainside of Hawaiʻi. Akaka Falls State Park is a beautiful site if you’re a couple looking to add some adventure in your relationship. The park features two cascading waterfalls, Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls, as well as an uphill hike that will take you past wild orchids, jungle vines, and overgrown bamboo clusters. Remember your camera as Akaka Falls is one of the most famous spots on the Big Island for couple pics. Sometimes love is a slow trickle and sometimes it’s a crashing rush, but a trip to Hawaii always wets the whistle of romance.

The Heights of Love

Rise to the ultimate high with your love. Book a couples helicopter tour of Hawaii for the best view of the mainland and all of its secrets. Most tours fly past the active volcanos on the island, and provide the ideal viewpoint of watching the blood orange lava drip into the sea. Some tours also whiz past waterfalls and circle around the thicket of rainforest on the island. Surprise your partner with trip on the up and up that has nothing to do with the bedroom.

With short shorts and erupting mountains, find extra bumps and booms in your relationship on Hawaii’s Big Island.

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