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Apr 1, 2019

Very nice stewardess

Apr 1, 2018

Value for money

Feb 18, 2018

I quite scared whene flight in tribulance condition

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For travel across Malaysia or United States choosing to take one of the Oman Air flights would be a wise choice. Whether you are travelling alone or in a group you can make use of special offers and packages especially if you time your booking right.

Personalised service is something you can safely take for granted when you fly on board one of the Oman Air flights. The online reservation facility caters to every requirement a flier may have starting from bookings, rescheduling, amendments or cancellations. If you book early enough you can save that much more thereby taking advantage of experiencing maximum convenience at less than minimal costs. Having partnered with leading international airlines, Oman Air has a network that spans countries and security and baggage handling is given the kind of attention that is so critical in air travel. Being a part of the loyalty program gets you extra credits in terms of user experience and through the obvious travel miles. Book online safely and conveniently and get to choose your own seat as well. Special meals on request, bassinet seating, pet travel and various other value added services make Oman Air a preferred travel partner for both inner-Irish and international travellers setting them apart from the other profit oriented flight operators.