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Travel Story: Finding My Centre in Oman

Quitting your full-time job to move to the mountains and focus your time and energy on channelling your passions into new business ventures sure sounds like the dream for many. That’s exactly what I did. Leaving behind the standard 9-to-5 grind was certainly one of the best decisions of my life, and I’ve never looked… Continue reading Travel Story: Finding My Centre in Oman

Abu Dhabi Travel Video

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Travel Dubai in a Minute – Dubai Video

With mega resorts, man-made islands, colossal shopping centres and breathtaking architecture, both modern and ancient, Dubai really is a jewel in the Arabian desert. Be transported through Dubai in this drone video capturing Dubai in a minute. [button url=’’ icon=’entypo-forward’ fullwidth=’true’] Plan a trip to Dubai[/button]

Travel Diaries: Witnessing the Rise of the Burj Khalifa

Expedia Explorer Becky Wicks shares her experience growing up as the Burj Khalifa was constructed and took over the Dubai skyline. Read the pages of her Dubai travel diary: How I grew alongside the world’s tallest building When I first found out about Dubai’s impressive plans to construct the world’s tallest building, nothing could have… Continue reading Travel Diaries: Witnessing the Rise of the Burj Khalifa

Middle East: 10 Things to Know About Visiting the Gulf

Considering a holiday to the exotic Middle East? Take note of the following customs and traditions to ensure you make the most of your trip.

Revealing the Unseen: African Dream Odyssey

Through the lens of Explorer & Photographer, Zung  While I have always had the impossible lust to visit every destination in the world, there are a few places that will linger in my mind just a tad longer than the others. Lifestyle, traditional customs and folklore have always fascinated me. Yet when it comes to exotic… Continue reading Revealing the Unseen: African Dream Odyssey

48 Hours: Dubai Itinerary

Dubai is an unlikely combination of 7 Star hotels, theme parks and giant malls on the edge of the desert. It’s also one of the world’s busiest transport hubs. Given all this, it’s worth exploring Dubai on a stopover en route to Europe. Here are some things to do in Dubai on a brief 2 day… Continue reading 48 Hours: Dubai Itinerary

Showing results 11 - 17 / 17