Port Dickson Tourism Guide

Port Dickson Tourism Guide

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Cost of a beer
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Average Room Rate
480 MYR (3* hotel)

If you are looking for a holiday with a wide choice of beaches, then Port Dickson will not disappoint. The beautiful coastlines mixed with a backdrop of tropical rainforest and areas of natural beauty make this the ideal location for a mix of relaxation and sightseeing. Hotels are luxurious with beautiful beachfront locations and the restaurants are simply divine.

Top Attractions


Tanjung Tuanto
A wildlife sanctuary like no other, Cape Rachado, also well known by its local name Tanjung Tuanto, is a little away from Port Dickson: around 18km south to be exact. But it’s more than worth the journey. A truly epic place to visit, it covers a whopping 607,00 square metres in forest reserves land alone and remains to this day, a close to untouched piece of all natural beauty. Famous for its history, including its iconic lighthouse, this is a must see for lovers of history and nature.

The Army Museum
Speaking of history, there’s few better ways to really get to grips with the local culture than with a trip to the Army Museum. This was only completed fairly recently, back in 2000 after a four-year construction, but the marvellously put together nine galleries, not to mention the outdoor exhibits, mean that it’s already found a place within the hearts of tourists and locals alike. As educational and interesting as the galleries are, the real star is those outdoor showings, with spectacular displays of military vehicles, with everything from helicopters to steam locomotives on show. Best of all, it’s free!

Blue Lagoon and Pantai Cahaya Negeri
While it might be a touch unusual for us to put a beach in our top attractions, we just have to make an exception for the wonderful Blue Lagoon and Pantai Cahaya Negeri. If there’s one thing that Port Dickson is well known for it’s having some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet and these two might be the best of the bunch. We know we picked two and that might be cheating but we just couldn’t decide which one we liked more. Both are absolutely breathtakingly stunning places to see, with picturesque beaches that really make your trip to Pork Dickson one of a kind.

Things to do in Port Dickson

A visit to Port Dickson offers many things to see and do. From architecture, museums, art and farms, you won’t be short of activities. The many beautiful beaches are not to be missed so be sure to try and visit them all to find your favourite.

Cape Rachado


Image Source: Acred99

Known as ‘Tanjung Tuanto’ to locals, Cape Rachado is a nature attraction located 18km south of Port Dickson. The cape is a nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary with several hidden beaches, patches of mangrove swamp and the famous lighthouse at the summit. There is the opportunity to camp in the park for one night if you want to explore the area more thoroughly. Cape Rachado was built in 1958 by the Portuguese colonial forces, and its name comes from the Portuguese term of ‘Broken Cape’. The lighthouse was built after they conquered Malacca to guide friendly ships to the shore but also to look out for enemy vessels. The lighthouse is the original construction but has some modern day enhancements, such as the radar transmitter.

Price: Admission to lighthouse is 1MYR
Opening Hours:
Telok pelandok, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Wan Loong Chinese Temple

Image Source: Jorge Láscar

Wan Loong Chinese Temple can be found opposite the World Marina Resort 7 miles along Port Dickson’s coastal road. It’s hard to miss the temple with its colourful and opulent architecture and fortress walls. Wan Loong means ‘Dragon of the Clouds’ and pays homage to several oriental deities, including Kuan Yi and the Monkey King.

Price: Free
Opening Hours:
Port Dickson Coastal Road, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson Army Museum

Image Source: D-M Commons

The Army Museum was opened in 2000 after years of taking a back seat to other sites, such as the Independence Memorial in Kuala Lumpur.  The construction of the museum took almost 4 years and now you can visit the nine galleries and a number of outdoor exhibitions. The museum exhibits artefacts that date from the 16th century to the present day, including items from the Japanese Invasion and occupation. The outdoor area is where most of the action is, with exhibitions of helicopters, military aircrafts, steam locomotives and armoured vehicles.

Price: Free
Opening Hours:
Monday – Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00
Kem Si Rusa, Port Dickson 71050, Malaysia

Kota Lukut Museum and Fort


In the historical town of Lukut, you will find the Lukut Museum and Fort, which are the area’s main attraction. The museum showcases the era when Lukut was at the top of the tin trade. It also showcases artefacts from the Nassau shipwreck: a Dutch East India battleship which sank off the coast of Port Dickson in 1606. Venture a little further away from the museum and you will find the Lukut Fort, which was built in 1847 to protect the town’s tin trade. You can also find the legendary poisoned well, which was used to punish criminals years ago.

Price: Free
Opening Hours: 
Daily: 09.00 – 18.00
Lot 730 Kota Lukut, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Alive 3D Art Gallery

The Alive 3D Art Gallery is a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours and get some great photos to take home. The gallery houses over 50 pieces of artwork from local artists, which are painted to look realistic and simply amazing when photographed. The gallery is split into five themes, including Adventure, Aquarium, Animation, Exotic and Dart Art. The gallery encourages visitors to touch and interact with the art work and have fun.

Price: Admission is 20MYR per adult and 15 MYR per child plus a 2MYR per locker to store shoes, as they are not permitted in the gallery
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 22.00, Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 23.00
NO 38-40, JALAN DS 2/1, BANDAR DATARAN SEGAR, LUKUT, 71010 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Port Dickson Ostrich Farm

Image Source: Lim Ashley

Port Dickson Ostrich Farm is a fantastic day out for all the family. Despite its name, the farm has many other animals too, such as peacocks, pheasants, jungle fowls, monkeys and a large number of farm animals. Visitors are able to feed the ostriches with pellets that can be purchased on entry and there is a small paddock where children can ride on the ostriches too. The onsite restaurant serves up a delicious menu with different recipes using ostrich meat for visitors to enjoy after a long day of fun.

Price: Admission is 15MYR for adults and 10MYR for children under 12 years and senior citizens above 60 years
Opening Hours:
Daily: 09.30 – 18.00
Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13 | Batu 9, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson 73000, Malaysia

 “Situated nearby the main beach in Port Dickson, this ostrich farm offers lively amazing experiences with ostrich. Minimal entrance fees apply and the farm is suitable for the whole family to see live ostrich and even ride them. Holding their big eggs is allowed. Food made of ostrich meat such as burgers and satay is also served here. Ladies can treat themselves with cosmetics made from ostrich oil.”

By Faizal, http://www.faizalfredley.com/


Shopping in Port Dickson

Image Source: Craig Morey

Oceanic Mall

For all of your shopping needs, Oceanic Mall has it covered. With everything you could want and more under one roof, you may need an extra case to take your purchases home. The most popular shops within the mall are The Store, Base Hair Studio and Alpro Pharmacy but there are many more great stores to browse. Get yourself a new pair of sunglasses or a pair of roller blades so you can get a little exercise in the beautiful sunshine. The mall also has its own bowling alley to enjoy on an evening after a long day shopping and a selection of great places to eat.

Opening Hours: Daily: 10.00 – 22.00
Oceanic Mall, 2-21, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Malaysia

Souvenir Sanctuary

Image source: Ramesh ram

As its name suggests, this is the ideal retail destination to pick up the perfect souvenir from your travels. A bright and vibrant night market that opens every Saturday evening, Souvenir Sanctuary sells everything from fresh produce to fun t-shirts. Scattered with satay and beach ball hawker stalls, this enticing shopping experience will deliver all sorts of delights for a bargain price.

Opening Hours: Saturday: 17.30 – 21.00
Address: 4th Mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, Malaysia


Teluk Kemang

In a place so beloved for beaches, it only makes sense to indulge in a spot of shopping on the sandy stretches. You won’t find anywhere better for beach-themed browsing than Teluk Kemang. The wealth of stores here offers everything from locally made hats, sandals and bags to beach themed t-shirts and even balls, boards and floats. Truly cementing its reputation as a retail haven for the whole family, shoppers to Teluk Kemang can also pick up toys, fabrics and even kites.

Opening Hours: Varies depending on store
Address: Teluk Kemang Beach, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Beaches in Port Dickson

Image Source: vivianejl

Beaches are certainly one of the best things to do in Port Dickson as all of the beaches are unspoiled, clean, pristine and well preserved. Imagine white sand beaches, blue skies, palm trees and clear cool waters awaiting you every single day. There are many areas where you can find secluded and hidden beaches along the 18km coastline of Port Dickson and each area is just as beautiful as the last. Each of the main beach areas have different attractions so you can choose the right beach for you.

The Blue Lagoon, if you’re looking for an excursion, is located 17km south of Port Dickson town and is a popular beachside destination with a secluded bay. The bay is sheltered by a dense cover of vegetation and forests from surrounding foothills. Wildlife sightings are common at this beach due to the close proximity to the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. The sea here is calm and shallow, making it perfect for those wanting peace and quiet, as the sea is much too shallow for water skis. At low tide, you can walk a long way out to sea and still only be knee deep in water.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri is considered to be Port Dickson’s best beach and is the ideal place to visit if you like to relax and unwind. This quiet beach has soft white sands and clear waters to enjoy a swim to cool off. The beach has a very relaxed atmosphere and there are many great places to eat nearby.

Teluk Kemang and Sri Purnama are two of the most popular beaches in Port Dickson due to the endless water sports you can enjoy. The water quality is crystal clear, which makes it perfect for swimming in. When you fancy something to eat, there are an abundance of exotic food restaurants close by.

“Port Dickson is one of the lesser known places in Malaysia that people often miss. Located 45 minutes away from KL airport, this lovely beach destination is a great alternative to the sometimes overcrowded Langkawi. Beach hopping and other water sports are a popular activity that people often enjoy while in Port Dickson. Definitely check out the Blue Lagoon which is 15km away from the main town for a more secluded getaway. The night market happening every first Saturday of the month is also worth checking out for the local souvenirs and produce.”

By Tom, www.adventureinyou.com

Pantai Saujana is a wonderful choice for anyone with a taste for adventure. With banana boats, jet-skis and speedboats, this beach won’t disappoint if you want to explore the sea at high speed. Lastly, Pantai Bagan is the place to be if you enjoy a game of volleyball, kayaking or windsurfing followed by a fantastic bite to eat.

“I used to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Capital, and I loved it; the food, the weather, the people but what most tourists never knew was that there was an awesome beach destination just an hour or two away, Port Dickson. It was a great city break spot, with loads of sites to fill a couple of days. First up, make sure to hit up one of the many beaches, and for the record, the best is probably the ‘Pantai Cahaya Negeri’. You’re welcome!”

By Johnny, http://onestep4ward.com

Fun Facts

  • It wasn’t always a holiday destination:
    Although today Port Dickson is known as a holiday hotspot for sunshine and good times, this wasn’t always the case. It was originally a Malay village known as Arang, sustaining itself largely through its fishing trade. It wasn’t until the 1880s that it cemented its holiday reputation, following a flood from Chinese immigrant minors to a nearby town.
  • The economy today:
    Aside from a booming tourist industry, one of the main sources of economic prosperity to the region is through oil and gas production, with two refineries having operated here since the early 1960s. However, it wasn’t always so prosperous. Due to the Asian financial crisis of 1997, some buildings remain unfinished across the coastline.
  • A relic from the past:
    If you want to catch a glimpse of Port Dickson from another time, then one of your best bets would be the four shophouses situation at Jalan Lama.

Where to Eat in Port Dickson

Image Source: Lim Ashley

Double Queue

This is a popular restaurant on the seafront of Port Dickson. Their menu offers a huge selection of Thai food, including curries, salads, tom yam and soups. They use only the freshest ingredients and the ocean view seating makes this the perfect setting for a relaxed lunch or evening meal.

Opening Hours: Daily: 11.00 – 23.00
4-g-18 persiaran waterfront, Port Dickson 71000, Malaysia

Lucky King Bun  

At Lucky King Bun, you can tuck into a popular Malaysian dish with a twist. It is common to eat curry with a bun in Malaysia but nowhere else do you find the curry cooked inside the bun. Known as the chicken curry bun, this is a taste sensation like no other. The chicken curry bun consists of chicken curry with potatoes and thick gravy wrapped inside a gigantic bun. It’s a treat you absolutely have to try for yourself.

Opening Hours: Daily: 11.30 – 22.00
4366, Taman Aman, Lukut, Port Dickson 71010, Malaysia


Tino’s Pizza

Tino has been living in Port Dickson for over 20 years and has perfected his pizzas over the years. Made from the freshest ingredients, the pizzas are served piping hot, straight from the oven. Be sure to try the coconut milkshake and Tino’s homemade biscuits to round off your meal. Grab a quick snack by the beach or sit down for your evening meal.

Opening Hours: Wednesday & Friday – Monday: 11.00 – 19.00, Tuesday & Thursday: Closed
4th Mile, Bazar Mara, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson 71050, Malaysia

Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh

Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh is a popular restaurant with both locals and travellers who come here for their dry bak kut teh. The restaurant can get busy so be prepared for a little wait, but with delicacies such as stingray curry and herbal chicken, it’s worth the wait.

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday: 08.30 – 14.30, 17.00 – 20.30, Tuesday: Closed
40, Jalan Pasar Baru Lukut, Lukut, Port Dickson 71010, Malaysia

Image source: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view

Gim Men Teppanyaki

Located away from the busy restaurant area of Port Dickson, Gim Men Teppanyaki is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter to dine. Their seafood is rated highly by locals and their delicacy is the three flavoured fish. The sharing platters are also a must try, serving up the freshest of fish, including stuffed crab, prawn, fish, squid and clam.

Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday: Closed, Thursday – Sunday: 11.00 – 14.30, 17.30 – 22.30
103, Kg Arab, Port Dickson 71000, Malaysia

KR Mani Curry House


This vibrant curry house is an excellent choice whether you are vegetarian or not. Their huge menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner, all served with the freshest of ingredients. Try the Roti Canai for breakfast with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or the banana leaves with rice for lunch.

Opening Hours: Daily: 06.00 – 22.30
No 24, Pusat Perniagaan Cahaya Suria, Jalan Seremban Batu 2, Port Dickson 71000, Malaysia

Nightlife in Port Dickson

Image Source: WiLL

Lanun Bar

A swinging nightspot located within the Legend International Water Homes, this is the place to be if you want to let your hair down on your paradise holiday. A delectable cocktail and extensive drinks menu will quench your thirst, with daily offers sweetening the deal. This is all serenaded by the sound of the accompanying live band to deliver a truly memorable night out.

Entry Fee: No entry fee
Opening Hours: 
Daily: 17.00 – 01.00 (Happy hour between 17.00 – 21.00)
Lexis Port Dickson, Batu 2, Jalan Seremban

Night Market

As the nightlife in Port Dickson is relatively quiet, if you don’t want to head to one of the bistros or cafes then the Night Market is the best place to be. The market serves fresh corn-on-the-cobs, steamed peanuts and delicious cakes along with a huge selection of fresh food. It’s a great way to add a bit of a culinary kick to your evening.

Entry Fee: No entry fee
Opening Hours: 
Saturday: 16.00 – 22.00
Open car park, 4th mile next to Petronas petrol station


Image source: Derek Gavey

Jungle Fringe Karaoke & Bar

Found within the Hotel Avillion Port Dickson, Jungle Fringe Karaoke & Bar boasts four rooms where up to 40 people can enjoy an evening of karaoke. The African inspired interior makes this a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where the drinks and tunes flow in equal measures.

Entry Fee: No entry fee
Opening Hours: 
Daily: 11.00 – 01.00
Hotel Avillion Port Dickson

El-Cactus Bistro & Bar

A lively bar setting, many people flock to El-Cactus Bistro & Bar to spend the evening enjoying Mexican fusion food and the delicious cocktails being served. The ambiance is perfect for enjoying a meal with friends that lasts until late in the evening.

Entry Fee: No entry fee
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Monday: Closed, Tuesday – Saturday: 16.00 – 01.30
Jalan Pantai, Batu 3, Negeri Sembilan, 71050 Port Dickson, Malaysia

Top Tips

  • Find out when Boris Bikes are doing their free days, it happens a few times throughout the year and make the best of cycling around the beautiful city.
  • London is full of surprises and St Katherine’s Docks is one of the best; it’s a mini South of France in London! We recommend getting yourself a nice cool drink at the Dickens’ Pub and spend your time gazing at the super yachts.
  • If you’re looking to save some money while staying in London, food is one of the best places to start. Hyde Park is an incredible place to take a picnic, in any season (as long as it isn’t raining) and you can also have some fun with the family by hiring some roller skates from the hut in the centre of the park.
  • Another money saving tip is to take in the sights on foot. London is architecturally one of the most astounding and wondrous places in the world, so it would be a shame to miss any of these sights by spending all of your time underground or on the bus. There is a lovely walk that takes you from Borough to Buckingham Palace. Starting at Borough Market you will walk along the Thames, past sites such as the Globe, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and ending at Buckingham Palace and St. James’ Park. It’s a very long walk, but an incredible experience.

Hotels in Port Dickson

Luxury Hotels in Port Dickson


To enjoy the stunning coastlines of Port Dickson, there is no shortage of luxury hotels where the white sands are just meters away. Every hotel in Port Dickson could be classed as luxury simply by the views you will experience.

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson sits on the beachfront of Port Dickson and is the most popular luxury hotel by far. Take advantage of their full service spa when you feel like relaxing and being pampered and when it’s time for dinner, choose from the two onsite restaurants after a long day at the beach. The hotel is located less than 3 miles from the Port Dickson Army Museum when you want to leave the luxury of the hotel for a spot of sightseeing. Along with the outdoor pools, each of the 632 rooms comes with a private balcony where you can enjoy every last bit of sunshine with a drink from the minibar or the free bottled water. If you’ve forgotten to pack your shower gel then there are free toiletries in your room. Air conditioning and free Wi-Fi are also included.

Mid-Range Hotels in Port Dickson

Enjoy beautiful seafront hotels with fantastic amenities, such as spas, golf courses and fitness centres in what will feel like 5-star luxury on your paradise holiday.

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a beautiful hotel located near the sea front for when you just want to get up and get on the beach. The two onsite restaurants are ideal for when you simply don’t want to leave the hotel. Enjoy cooling off in the large outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees, which will leave you feeling like you’re in paradise. When you’re ready to see what Port Dickson has to offer, nearby attractions include Fort Lukut, which is 2.6 miles away. Port Dickson Army Museum is also located 9 miles from the hotel. The 317 rooms at Grand Lexis come with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and TVs with DVD player so you can relax in your room on an evening. There’s also a kitchenette with drink making facilities if you fancy a snack or beverage.

Thistle Port Dickson has everything you could possibly need and more. The hotel sits amidst 36 hectares of tropical gardens with a 3km private sand beach. If your main objective is to relax then you can take advantage of a treatment or two at their full service spa or enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool. If you like sports, you will love this hotel, as it has a 9-hole golf course and tennis courts for you to enjoy. Once you’re done on the courts or green, head over to the bar for a refreshing drink and choose from any of the three restaurants when it’s time for dinner. Each room comes with amenities such as air conditioning, free toiletries, a safe, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.

Avillion Admiral Cove is located on the waterfront in Port Dickson and is close to many of the local attractions, including the Port Dickson Army Museum, which is located within 2.5 miles of the hotel. Guests can enjoy full use of the hotel’s fitness centre and the outdoor pool is perfect for cooling off in the midday heat. There’s a separate children’s pool where they can play and splash around to their hearts’ content while you relax by the pool. Each room is air conditioned and includes a plasma TV for the evenings entertainments. All rooms also include a refrigerator to keep your drinks cool and free newspapers.

PNB Ilham Resort is a fantastic resort situated close to the beaches of Port Dickson and less than 1km from the Cape Racahado Lighthouse. The hotel has a fitness centre for guests who like to stay in shape on their holiday and the outdoor pool with separate children’s pool is perfect for cooling off. The hotel has one restaurant where you can enjoy your evening meal or you may wish to use the barbecue grill facilities to cook your own food. If you are relaxing by the pool, the poolside bar is perfect for a refreshing beverage while you bathe. Each room comes with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, cable TV, drink making facilities and a minibar.

Budget Hotels in Port Dickson


Port Dickson’s budget hotels can be just as luxurious as some of the higher class resorts, which means you can enjoy more of the local attractions and nightlife on your holiday.

Lexis Port Dickson is located in Port Dickson along with Lexis Hibiscus and Grand Lexis. The beautiful resort sits on stilts over the sea in what is the most relaxing feeling scenery.  When it’s time for dinner, their onsite restaurant is just a short stroll from the beach. The outdoor pool includes a children’s pool where they can play without worry whilst you enjoy a swim. A fitness centre is also available to all guests and the bar/lounge is the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the beach. Nearby attractions include Fort Lukut, which is 2.6 miles away and Port Dickson Army Museum and Sri Anjeneayar. Each room is air conditioned and includes free Wi-Fi.

The Guest Hotel & Spa is situated in Port Dickson and is just 1 miles from Fort Lukut. The hotel has a full service spa where you can relax and pamper yourself on your holiday. The indoor pool is a welcome break from the heat of the day and the onsite restaurant makes the evening meal that bit easier. Other amenities offered by the hotel include a concierge service, laundry service and a café to enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee. All rooms are air conditioned and include free Wi-Fi with little extras, such as free toiletries and bottled water, housekeeping and cable TV.

Bayu Beach Resort is the beachfront resort where you can step out of your room and onto the golden sands in minutes. When you have finished your sunbathing for the day, dinner is served in their three onsite restaurants. Guests are made to feel at home in their room with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, free bottled water, free newspapers, coffee makers and cable TV.

Eagle Ranch Resort is a secluded hotel for those who like to unwind and enjoy a little privacy. If you wish to relax at the hotel for the day, then there is plenty to do. Take a dip in the outdoor pool where your children can enjoy their own pool too. Your evening meal can be enjoyed in the onsite restaurant, followed by a drink or two in the lounge/bar. Each room includes free Wi-Fi, a private balcony, air conditioning, TV and coffee makers.

The Grand Beach Resort Port Dickson sits on the beachfront in Port Dickson and is a family friendly hotel. Guests can enjoy the outdoor pool while the children play in their own separate children’s pool. The garden area has barbecue grills for those who wish to stay at the hotel for their evening meal and the poolside bar is perfect for enjoying a nightcap or two. Each room comes with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat screen TV, coffee makers and free newspapers. There is also a dry cleaning service at this hotel. Prices range from 129 – 342MYR per night.

To discover many more fantastic hotels in Port Dickson, our hotel finder can find the perfect deal for you.

Port Dickson is one of the easiest beach getaways for me! I highly recommend the Avillion resort (a little tip – call in advance to book a session or two at the AviSpa!) and dinner at Weng Yin Seafood Village. The creamy butter crabs and cereal prawns there are the BEST!”

By Flora, http://floraisabelle.com

Getting Around Port Dickson

To see the sights of Port Dickson, taxi is by far the easiest way to get around. As it’s a relatively small area, they charge per person and aren’t on a meter. Therefore, a fare should be agreed before you get into the taxi. Fares are generally cheap, starting at just 2MYR per person for short journeys and going up to 10MYR for longer journeys.

There is also a bus service that runs along the coast, which can be used for 1-2MYR per person. Check the local bus stops for timetables.

Best Time to Visit Port Dickson

Image Source: Lybil

Temperatures in Port Dickson remain relatively consistent throughout the year. However, there is also a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year. To avoid visiting Port Dickson at its highest time of precipitation, then October is the month best avoided.

February is the month that receives the lowest amount of rainfall, so this is a great time to visit. April sees the highest temperature of the whole year, where highs can reach 33°C, whereas January has the lowest temperatures but still remains around 30°C.

Flights to Port Dickson

Image Source: Charaka Ranasinghe

Being only a small town on Malaysia’s west coast, Port Dickson does not have its own dedicated airport. The closest airport is Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which offers domestic flights from across the country. The airport is around 43km away from Port Dickson, meaning it takes around 1 hour to travel onto your destination by taxi or hire car once you arrive.

Alternatively, there are also various rail and bus services that link Port Dickson to other major Malaysian cities. You can also access Port Dickson by road if you are driving by car.

To experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia, we have flights to Kuala Lumpur to accommodate every budget and travel need. Try our flight finder to find your perfect holiday.