Melaka City Guide

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Malaysian Ringgit

Average Cost of a beer
15 MYR (avg) 

Average Cost of a Meal for two
50 MYR (avg) 

Average Room Rate
100 – 400 MYR (3* hotel)

Located on the Malay Peninsula’s southwest coast, Melaka is a Malaysian state and an area of serene beauty. Its patchwork forests, golden sandy beaches and shimmering azure ocean views astound visitors from all across the globe. This is coupled with a rich colonial past and the region’s fascinating history shines through its many attractions and top tourist spots.

With the centre of Melaka City being recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 2008, you’ll be fascinated by the ancient architecture and landmarks that stand proud here. That’s not all. The bustling night markets, delectable dining and welcoming hotels have catapulted Melaka as one of Malaysia’s most irresistible tourist destinations.

Melaka is the city of heritage and culture. Listed under the UNESCO List of Heritage, the city is blessed with unique architecture of the past and it is also a food haven too. You can find buildings built by the Portuguese, Dutch, English as well as the locals in Melaka.

By Wilson, Place and Foods

Top Attractions


Melaka is a wonderful destination that combines the very best of a city break with a relaxing beach holiday. Start your trip by taking in the view at the Menara Taming Sari, a huge tower that offers incredible 360° views of Malacca.


Malacca City is a bustling metropolis that is home to around 500,000 people. However, there are plenty of ways you can reconnect with nature here. Take a stroll around the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the peace and quiet. Alternatively, you could head to Malacca Zoo and see some of nature’s most incredible creatures up close. Here you will also learn about the zoo and the efforts taken to preserve endangered species.


You really can’t head to Melaka without taking in the beaches. Make sure you take time to leave the city and head to Pulau Upeh, an idyllic island in the Malacca Strait that is home to the extremely rare hawkbill sea turtle.

Things to do in Melaka

Discover the past, present and future of this fascinating destination as you dive into its most popular attractions. From iconic architecture to in-depth museums and landmarks shrouded in mystery, you’re sure to be captivated and entertained during your stay.

History and Ethnography Museum

inside history museum melaka

Image source: Chongkian

Learn about the rich and storied history of Melaka in the History and Ethnography Museum. There’s exhibits from throughout the town’s eclectic history, all complete with accompanying information so you can really get to know your holiday destination. The items here span many centuries (from the establishment of Melaka in 1400 to Malayan independence in 1957) and are some of the rarest that can be found anywhere related to Melaka. It’s a fairly large museum and is an easy way to while away a few hours getting lost in the culture of this fascinating city. The building itself is quite something as well: an imposing red structure built in a unique style that stands out from the architecture you’ll generally find in Melaka, with a few notable exceptions. There is a small fee for entry here, although it is cheaper for Malaysian residents.

Address: Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Adult – MYR 2, Children / Students – MYR 0.5

Christ Church


red exterior of christ church melaka

Similar to the History and Ethnography Museum, of which it is situated opposite, this is a tall bright red building that features beautifully unique and impressive architecture. Constructed by the Dutch in 1752 following their victory over the Portuguese, Christ Church sits upon Church Street (also known as Jalan Gereja) and is considered one of the most iconic buildings in the city. The inside of the centuries old building is just as impressive and is filled with plaques that honour both fallen Dutch soldiers and locals. Originally serving as a place of worship for the Dutch following their conquer of Melaka, the British later put their own touches to the church, adding a large bell and weathercock, as well as turning it into an Anglican church. This is a building that reflects the history of Melaka inside and out and is well worth a visit if you want to learn about the Melaka culture.

Address: Gereja Christ, Jalan Gereja, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Free

Image source: Conny Sandland

A Famosa

stone fort with gold canon melaka

A fascinating historical monument, A Famosa was a fort built following the landing of Portuguese naval forces in 1511, in an effort to maintain the land they’d recently acquired. The fort was once a large, imposing figure, but little of it remains today. Originally, it had four towers, each with an individual purpose, such as to hold the captain, the officers and ammunition. The fort was seen as an important part of keeping Melaka, which was believed to be a vital port between Portugal and China. However, the luck of the Portuguese changed and in 1641 the Dutch defeated them. The gate, still carries the logo “ANNO 1670” from the renovations by the Dutch. But this wasn’t to be the end of A Famosa’s troubled history, as it once again was handed to a new owner, the British, in order to keep it from Napoleon’s reach. They ordered its destruction, but a small gate was kept as a remainder of its history. That gate still stands today and it is open to the public to view.

Address: Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Free

Melaka City is the capital of Malaysia’s historic Melaka region.  Narrow streets, canals, and attractions like the Jonker Walk Chinese night market, the A Famosa fort, former Portuguese settlement, Maritime Museum, and strolling along the canals are the key tourist attractions. The Melaka Straits off the coast are famous for pirates.

By Max, GoNomad

Menara Taming Sari

menara taming sari at night

This revolving tower offers some of, if not the best, views of the city. The sights are incredible no matter when you go but they’re especially mesmerising on a night, when the whole city is lit up like a series of dazzling diamonds. There’s also wonderful views of St Paul Hill, Jonker Walk, Chinatown and the Straits of Melaka, meaning you can plan your whole trip from up here! Menara Taming Sari is also a fantastic little ride, with a pod that climbs up and down the tower. It’s nothing too scary if you’re afraid of rides, but enough to give the attraction a little extra helping of fun.

Address: Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Adult – MYR 20, Children (under 12 years) – MYR 10

Image source: Tristan Schmurr

Melaka Zoo

tiger looking directly forwards

They live by the tagline “Recreation, Education and Conservation” and with that in mind, you can rest assured that Melaka Zoo is an incredible day out where you can learn something about the animals, their habitat and the efforts that’s going in to preserve endangered species. Part of the entertainment includes a bird show, elephant feeding and a keeper talk. The latter is brilliant for getting the most out of the experience: the keepers at Melaka Zoo are incredibly passionate about their subject and it’s a joy to hear them speak about the animals they care for. These events are only available at limited times, for example the bird show is on twice through the week (11 am and 3.30 pm) and three times during weekends and holidays (11 am, 2 pm and 4pm). The elephant feeding is only on at weekends (11.30 am and 2.30 pm) and the keeper talk is only available at 12 pm on weekends. It’s an enormous zoo with plenty of animals to see and is a wonderful destination for children.

Address: 75450 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Adult (aged 13 – 59 years) – MYR 17.80, Children (aged 4 – 12 years) – MYR 7.10, Senior Citizen – MYR 7.10

We loved the ancient feel of Melaka’s temples, her stunningly preserved houses and picturesque streets. For us, other highlights were the Jonker Bird House, a bird’s nest production facility, complete with resident swiftlets. Also, the fantastic Maritime Museum highlighting Melaka’s trading past which is housed in a 36m long recreation of a historic ship. Great fun for the kids!

By Alyson, World Travel Family

Hang Tuah’s Well

water inside stone well

Named after legendary warrior Hang Tuah, the Hang Tuah’s Well is found at his hometown. It’s rumoured that he dug the well himself for his own use. According to folklore, his spirit now dwells within the well in the form of a white crocodile, which can only be seen by a pure hearted individual. Part of the reason for the mysticism is that the well’s water inexplicably runs clear even after so many years and that it remains dry despite the country’s draughts. It’s also believed to have healing properties. Although we wouldn’t recommend the well as a medical alternative, it’s still a fascinating insight into how revered this attraction is. Hang Tuah warded off advancements from Acheh and Siam, and famously defeated a warrior from the court of Majaphit named Saming Sari. This is a fitting tribute to his memory.

Address: Kampung Duyong, 75430 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Free

Image source: Marufish

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

heritage-museum-melaka (512x384)

Another great spot if you want to learn the history of the area, the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museumis considered one of the top attractions in the city. While other museums focus on the general history of Melaka, this is more focused specifically on the ethnic Chinese-Malays, which are known as Peranakan or Baba-Nyonya in Melaka. There’s tons to see here for a very, very cheap price in a beautiful, charming accommodation that vaguely resembles an Italian townhouse from the outside. On the inside however, it is steeped in the local culture, with beautifully designed displays that bring the past to life. We also recommend you enjoy the museum at its peak potential by making use of their informative, friendly and passionate guides, who can talk you through the significance of the displays and the items within them. In fact, the townhouse is a real home that was lived in by a Baba-Nyonya family. You can’t get much more authentic than that. This is a great, fun tour at a reasonable price.

Address: 48-50, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Adult – MYR 8, Children – MYR 4

Image source: Chongkian

Aborigines Museum

exterior of aborigines museum

Much like the much loved Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, the Aborigines Museum focuses on one element of the local culture and absolutely explores every inch. It features everything from several examples of house design (interior) to weapons that were commonly used, displays that show the wedding customs, a large selection of agricultural tools, fishing apparatus and much, much more. This really brings the past into the present right before your eyes, with a ton of great information surrounding the history of the items so you can really appreciate the magnitude of what you’re looking at. Even the building itself is based on the authentic architectural designs and principles of the aboriginal people. Opened in 1996, it originally stood at the Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest, before being relocated to the Ayer Keroh Highway a few months later. The Aborigines Museum has gone from strength to strength in the last two decades and only looks to improve with help from its patrons. At a very low price, it’s more than worth your money.

Address: Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Adult – MYR 1, Children – MYR 0.5

Image source: Chongkian

Melaka Warrior Monument

warrior monument in melaka

Built in 1948 as a monument to the Chinese who died at the hands of the empire of Japan’s occupation during World War II, the Melaka Warrior Monument was renovated in the early seventies. It stands tall today as a respectful tribute to one of the greatest tragedies of the modern era. Fittingly, it’s found at the heart of Melaka in the city, where you can go to pay your respects to those who gave their lives during that dreadful period.

Address: 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia
Price: Free

Image source: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas


If you find yourself in Melaka’s Chinatown, walk down Harmony Street, so-called for the number of places of worship that flank it, all of which belong to different religions: Kampung Kling Mosque (Islam), Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple (Hinduism), Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism), and Xiang Lin Si Temple (Buddhism). This historically important street is a testament to the city’s cultural diversity and religious pluralism.”

By Yoshke, The Poor Traveler

Shopping in Melaka

If you’re on the hunt for some superb souvenirs, big brand names or local crafts, you won’t be disappointed with Melaka’s selection of stores and malls. Here are some of the must visit shopping destinations for all those happy browsers.

Dataran Pahlawan

aerial view of large mall building

This enormous mall has everything from the international brands you’ve come to expect from any big time shopping experience, like Starbucks and McDonalds, alongside a great mixture of local stores and produce. The food bazaar is a great example of this, offering a wonderful selection of local delicacies to enjoy. There’s an excellent selection here to suit all customers, from super cheap bargains to the absolute best in luxury shopping.

Address: Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10 am – 10 pm

Image source: Cocktailmania

Tan Kim Hock Product Centre

view of people shopping on jonker street

A “product centre” that seems to be a mid-point between a convenience store and a mall, the Tan Kim Hock Product Centre is known for specialising in local delicacies. These are all made as authentically as possible from the company of the same name. Found in a bright pink building that reflects on the eclectic nature on the products inside, this can be a pricey place to shop but if you’re willing to pay a little more, there’s plenty on offer here.

Address: Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia
Opening hours: Sun – Fri, 9 am – 7 pm and Sat, 9 am – 8 pm

“What I love about Melaka is the multicultural history and atmospheric charm. My favourite thing to do was simply slowly meander through the laid back, historic streets, watching devotees pray in the Chinese and Hindu temples, mosques and churches, admiring the architecture and sampling the huge variety of tasty street food.”

By Anna, Global Gallivanting

Jonker Street Shopping

Featuring a ton of small independent outlets, Jonker Street is a haven for the holidaymaker whose looking for the real deal in terms of embracing the local culture. There’s no major international outlets here: what they have instead is a completely unique selection of stores selling everything from one-of-a-kind merchandise to mouth-watering street food. The selection is also incredibly cheap for the most part, so you needn’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket while you enjoy your authentic Melaka shopping experience.

Address: 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs, closed and Fri- Sun, 6 pm -12 am

“What I love about Melaka is the multicultural history and atmospheric charm. My favourite thing to do was simply slowly meander through the laid back, historic streets, watching devotees pray in the Chinese and Hindu temples, mosques and churches, admiring the architecture and sampling the huge variety of tasty street food.”

By Anna, Global Gallivanting


Where to Eat in Malaka

Discover delicious flavours, from Indian to European and vegetarian specialities, all available in the masterful menus across Melaka’s restaurants and eateries.

Man Yuan Fang

orange sticky tofu

Offering quite possible the best vegetarian/vegan food anywhere in the city, Man Yuan Fang is a gorgeous mix of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine, all cooked to perfection. The menu is incredible extensive so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes here. There’s even some western and Thai cuisine on the menu, all of which keeps to their incredibly high standards. But they’re probably best known for their mock meat meals, which even include a delicious meat-free KFC.  This is a restaurant that seems to always be coming up with great new surprises.

Address: No G35 & G37 Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka | No G35 & G37 Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia

The Baboon House

Sounding like a kind of makeshift mini zoo, The Baboon House keeps its mysterious edge in its exterior as well as its name. It’s beyond low-key: the signage barely peeking through the roof in a quaint area. You’d be forgiven for not noticing it when you pass by. But don’t let that fool you. Inside the décor and atmosphere is warm and energetic, but the reason everyone is here is for the food. This includes some of the best burgers in the city and a whole host of other meat treats, homemade drinks and more.

Address: 89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Kampung Bukit China, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia


Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant

plate of burger and chips with sauce

The winner of several online awards, the Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant has cemented its reputation as one of the best Indian restaurants in all of Melaka. The taste here is absolutely world class and comparable to far more exclusive, expensive restaurants. You’ll be amazed at how cheap you can get these five-star authentic dishes. Not only that, but the portions here are exceptionally generous, so be careful not to order too much. Having said that, you may find it too delicious to resist and end up eating the lot anyway!

Address: 58, Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/3 & Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/4, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Image source: stu_spivack


The Daily Fix

Easily one of the top contenders for the title of the best restaurant in Melaka, The Daily Fix is a dining experience like no other. It features a plethora of unique European fusion dishes, which really push the envelope in terms of what you can get out of your taste buds. Probably most loved for their stunning padan pancakes, this is a restaurant that puts just as much effort into its ambience as it does its incredible menu. Even its décor is a kind of fusion: a heady mix of the best of a café and a high-end restaurant. It’s a little more expensive than other eateries around, but considering the queues on a weekend, it seems most think it’s worth it.

Address: 55 Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka 75200, Malaysia

Image source: Geoff Peters


Fun Facts

  • Melaka dates back to 1402: It was founded by Paramesawar, the last king of Singapura. He ruled from 1389 to 1398.
  • Melaka has a long history of invasion: In its long history it has been under the control of the Portuguese, Dutch and British.
  • Melaka is a diverse and culturally rich place: As an ancient port, Malacca has a diverse population, with 63% Malays, 25% Chinese and 6% Indians.

Nightlife in Melaka

From laid back live music to buzzing clubs and rocking venues, Melaka’s nightlife scene truly has something to get everyone up on their feet and dancing the evening away.

Geographér Café

view of melaka at night

Through the week Geographer Café is known as one of the best dining experiences in town, and rightly so. They’ve got a varied menu with great food quality, decent prices and terrific service. However, it’s on the weekend where things really come alive with a live band that turns this respectable eatery into one of the hottest music venues around. The cocktails served here also stand up to the great reputation set by the food: delicious and a great price.

Address: Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Image source: Marufish

Hard Rock Café Melaka

The world famous Hard Rock Café might be more well known for their branches in the USA but their Melaka restaurant, museum and merchandise venue is more than up to the challenge set by its American brothers. Featuring a ton of guitars and paraphernalia played by some of the most famous musicians in the world, this isn’t your normal night spot. It’s an education in musical history. Tuck into their legendary burgers, grab a cold beer and maybe get some merchandise to remember your trip, all while enjoying some hard rocking hits.

Address: 28, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Mixx Club

club light lasers and woman's dancing silhoutte

Think of everything you could possibly want from a nightclub: great food, great drinks, great music. Mixx Club has all that and more, along with an incredible, high-octane atmosphere to boot. This is one of the top clubs in the whole city for good reason. There’s nothing they don’t get right. If you love dance music, they’ve got the top DJs. If you prefer live bands, they’ve got that too. Whether you like a cold beer, a wine or a cheeky cocktail, they more than fit the bill. Oh, and they even have an in-house restaurant: S-19, which offers quite possibly the best Japanese cuisine around.

Address: Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Image source: Ralph Thompson

Top Tips

  • Avoid changing money in banks: You will save more money in private exchange offices; these can be found in busy tourist spots and major shopping centres.
  • Tipping is generally not accepted in Malacca: In some large restaurants service charge is included in the total score; it is usually 10% of the total. Everywhere else, do not live a tip.
  • Tourists should be careful: Malacca is one of the quietest and safest places to visit in Malaysia, but criminals do operate. Tourists should take care not to walk down remote areas alone, or walk around with valuables.

Hotels in Melaka

Luxury Hotels in Melaka

white exterior of majestic hotel melaka

With a name like The Majestic Melaka, this hotel already sets itself very high standards before you even walk through the door. However, it’s more than up to the challenge. In fact, it’s no surprise they picked such a bold name with a hotel as stunning as this. There’s nothing ultra-modern about The Majestic Melaka: it’s a hotel that proves that sometimes the old ways are the best. Here, it feels like you’ve been time-warped into a luxurious establishment of yesteryear, with a classical focus in both design and service, including standalone bathtubs, four poster beds and shining wooden floors. The hotel is actually housed in a 1920’s mansion, taking the best of that period and melding it with the convenience of modern life to create something truly special. Even the restaurant has history in mind, with a mix of local and colonial cuisine. There’s also a full spa, a fitness centre, a bar, an outdoor pool and even its own library.

The most striking thing about Casa del Rio Melaka is how it manages to balance such an incredible sense of luxury with the comfort of feeling like you’re going to sleep in your own bed. There’s an instant sense of homeliness, even as you admire the divine decorative touches of your guest room. You’ll be in awe of the exquisite quality of your surroundings, while also feeling like this luxury is lifted from a different time. It’s a subtle beauty rather than one that hits you in the face: like listening to a complex, lengthy piece of classical music rather than a three-minute pop hit. The pool area is Casa del Rio Melaka’s secret weapon. A stunning serene lake of blue overlooking the city and a nearby river, right here is one of the most mesmerising spots in all of Melaka. The hotel also includes a bar and lounge area, a high quality restaurant, a full service spa, a fitness centre and even free shopping centre and area shuttle.

The Art Deco Hatten Hotel Melaka is a spa resort that stands proudly in Melaka Town. It oozes style and sophistication at every turn, with 704 outstandingly comfortable guest rooms fully fitted with sitting areas, rainfall showerheads, flat-screen TVs and coffee makers, while also offering up some awe-inspiring views across the sparkling cityscape. The full service spa invites you to be utterly pampered, while the outdoor pool beckons you to take a dip. With an onsite restaurant, fitness centre, lounge and poolside bar to boot, you’ll want for nothing during your holiday here.

Mid-Range Hotels in Melaka

brown and gold hotel bedroom

Talk about luxury at an affordable price, the Hotel Puri is perhaps the best anyone could expect from a 3.5-star hotel and then some. The rooms are decorated as if they were made with a limitless budget in one of the top luxury hotels in the world: large, luxurious bedspreads, stunning furnishings, wooden floors, chandeliers (yes, you read that right) and stunningly designed décor. One thing that’s great about the look of this hotel is that it manages to pulls off feeling incredibly grand without ever being over the top. I’s warm, friendly and expensive looking without ever being obnoxious or overbearing. There’s some luxury hotels that might want to take advice from Hotel Puri’s masterful designer! This style also spills over into the lobby area, which is beautifully put together with a retro but never old fashioned choice of colour and furnishings. Better still, this hotel is in a great spot and a maximum of just a twenty-minute walk away from several of the most major tourist attractions. Who says you have to pay big to feel spoiled?

Another hotel that will wow you with its decadent good lucks and affordable price tag is the Estadia Hotel in Melaka Town. With rates costing only MYR 240 per night, you won’t believe just how much bang you get for your buck. All 196 guest rooms are charmingly decorated with elegant furnishings and pops of colour and boast free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, coffee makers and refrigerators. This attention to detail extends through every element of this smoke-free hotel, from the spectacular front desk to the delectable onsite dining, fully equipped fitness centre, laid back bar and attentive service. There’s even a free area shuttle provided to help you get the most out of your Malaysian escape.

Discover a home away from home with the characterful Gingerflow Boutique Hotel. This Riverwalk Melaka hotel manages to beautifully blend a personable style, with spacious rooms, rich wooden floors and pillow top beds, with unwavering hospitality. Their service is wonderfully thoughtful, offering minibars stocked with free items, sweet-smelling toiletries and pillow menus. The staff here will go above and beyond to keep a smile on your face, with free newspapers, a 24-hour front desk and a limo/town car service to ferry you around town in style.

The Jonker Boutique Hotel in Melaka Town is a chic establishment boasting an Art Deco façade and traditionally inspired decorative touches inside. You’ll be in the heart of the action here: just a two minutes’ walk from the bustling Jonker Street Night Market and just a stone’s throw away from the beloved Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. When you retreat to your distinctly styled guest room, you’ll experience a tranquil atmosphere and modern comforts, including complimentary Wi-Fi, mini fridges and coffee makers, along with four poster beds and plush sofas in upgraded rooms. With rates costing around MYR 401 a night, this is a 3.5 star hotel that is more on the expensive side, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, you’ll be rewarded with a truly memorable stay.


Budget Hotels in Melaka

The charming Herald Boutique Hotel may look rather odd from the outside. At a glance, it resembles a Hilton hotel turned into a restaurant, but on the inside, it does everything possible to blow you away. You’ll be amazed at the room sizes you can get for this price and indeed the size of the beds, as well as the comfort and quality of the furnishings, all in a sleek modern design that will probably have you double checking you didn’t accidentally book a four-star hotel instead. There’s a classical element as well that blends with the modern features of the décor and creates something that’s rather special at any price range. The wooden floors and the modest, sturdy desk that look like it could belong to a Victorian novelist, all merge with the more current design elements in a wonderful fusion of styles. Location wise, it’s within a few miles of several major tourist attraction and for just MYR 140 a night, you’ll also benefit from free Wi-F, parking and air conditioning.


Layang Layang Guest House does not attempt to recreate the luxury of a five-star hotel. There’s no shiny bits and pieces that try to pretend this is anything other than a budget hotel, but that’s very much to its credit. There’s a minimalistic, earthy feel to this accommodation that has a charm and a beauty that’s distinctly different to marble floors and chandeliers It’s one that most guests fall in love with, based on their excellent reputation with former customers. It’s also very authentic: there’s bicycles and lanterns outside the front doors and Melaka artwork as you enter. It’s like going into the home of a much loved friend or relative: you immediately feel welcomed, not just by the great staff, but by the homely, personal décor. The rooms are simple and modest. There’s no doubting that, but here it works. They are clean, straightforward and have everything you need. There’s also air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and a full sized refrigerator/freezer, among other amenities. Do be aware however, there is a cash deposit upon entry and a small tax imposed by the city (MYR 2 per accommodation each night).

There’s no missing the Fenix Inn in Melaka Town, with its exterior that’s emblazed with large gold letters and a stylistic phoenix across the middle. Once it’s captured your attention, this hotel follows through with warm guest rooms and a welcoming service. For a hotel costing only MYR 150 a night, this is an impressively smooth and sleek operation. The rooms offer contemporary style, with wooden flooring, inviting beds and large, neutral coloured headboards. Amenities here also include free Wi-Fi, coffee makers and LCD TVs with satellite channels, as well as free valet parking, a concierge service and a 24-hour front desk. You can’t go wrong.

For more hotels in Melaka, explore the Expedia Malaysia website and find the best accommodation for your stay.

Getting Around Melaka


brightly coloured parked trishaws

Melaka is a large city so there’s certain places you’ll probably struggle to get to on foot. However, if your journey is short enough then this is a very pedestrian friendly city, due to well enforced traffic laws, so walking around can be a fun way of exploring all the city has to offer. Alternatively, if you have a little further to go, you can hire a bicycle for 24 hours for MYR 10.00 plus MYR 250 (estimate).


Despite the roads being relatively safe, the roadway system of Melaka is generally one way and can be confusing and difficult to navigate due to narrow roads. Traffic can also get extremely heavy, especially during weekends. If you do take a car, you should therefore make sure you plan your route meticulously to avoid issues.


Flagging down a taxi in Melaka tends to be very easy and you shouldn’t have to go far to find a metred vehicle around the city. There’s also chartered taxis but, if you opt for one of these, make sure you decide upon your fare with the driver before you begin your journey.


There’s a fairly comprehensive bus service in Melaka. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available:

  • Melaka Town Bus No 17: This service begins at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal and goes to the Portuguese Settlement through Jalan Taming Sari and Tun SrI lanang, Mahkota Parade and then to Ujong Pasir, which is the final destination of this route.
  • Melaka Town Bus No 18: This service begins at Melaka Sentral Terminal and goes to Plaza Hang Huang, Jalan Tengkera and Pokok Mangga.
  • Melaka Town Bus No 19: This service starts its journey at Melaka Sentral Terminal and goes to Ayer Keroh through Melaka Zoo and Taman Asean/Malaysia.
  • Melaka Town Bus No.50: This service begins at Melaka Sentral Terminal through Mahkota Parade shopping centre
  • Kanderaan Aziz: This service begins at Melaka Sentral Terminal to Muar through Pedang Temu.
  • Panorama Melaka: This is a hop on/hop off service that takes tourists through town attractions for a flat fee of MYR 5 for its red bus service or MYR 2 for the blue bus.

Bike Share

There are three Bikeshare stations around A Famosa. This is a new service, having only opened in September 2016 but offers a fun way to traverse the city streets in the fresh air.


This traditional mode of transport is famously glitzy in this part of the world and have proved a favourite amongst tourists. The general rate is MYR 40 per hour but it is always advised that you agree on a price before setting off.

Best Time to Visit Melaka

canal with buildings either side

Luckily for visitors, the tropical climate of Melaka means this destination can be enjoyed any time of the year. The hot and humid weather sees temperatures averaging around the 30°C mark, making it the ideal climate for browsing the air-conditioned malls or catching some rays on the beaches.

The driest months in Melaka tend to be October, April or early May. If you want some relief from the blazing Malaysian sun, you can book your trip in June to November, when the rainy season sees the region scattered with showers.

Getting to Melaka

red paved path lined with red buildings

It is advised that you avoid taking the train when travelling to the centre of Melaka, as there are no direct routes available. Train services will stop at JASIN, which can be found on the other side of the state. Instead, it is recommended that you choose one of the many bus companies that service Melaka.

If you’re departing from Kuala Lumpur, you can choose between a variety of services that depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. These run from early morning to late at night, with buses departing as frequently as every half an hour. The most popular bus brands are KKL Express and Transnasional, who have gained fans thanks to their punctuality and comfortable conditions. The fare is affordable, costing around MYR 13 for a ticket, and the journey takes around 2 hours to arrive at Melaka Sentral, depending on traffic.

Image source: Brian Jeffery Beggerly